Observation of physical phenomena that no one has yet seen, new discoveries, and new technologies. We aim to be a laboratory where the enjoyment of pursuing new things gives birth to values and leads to people, knowledge, and technology that are useful to society. We are pioneering “phonon engineering,” a next-generation semiconductor thermal management technology made possible by semiconductor nanostructures based on deep physical understanding and design. Phonons are heat carriers, and advanced control of their transport will lead to applications such as thermal management in semiconductor devices, quantum communication networks, and thermoelectric energy harvesting. We hope that our physical exploration based on intellectual curiosity and the development of new technologies aimed at solving social problems will contribute to the construction of a knowledge society, green transformation, and carbon neutrality.


May03Dr. Tachikawa’s thermal transport by surface phonon polariton’s work was published in Phys. Rev. Lett.
Apr04Dr. Kim’s anistropic thermal conductance work was published in ACS Nano.
Mar01Mr. Pirro Matteo has joined the Nomura Lab as a Project Researcher and Mr. Barbier–Chebbah Félix of PSL University has joined our group as an internship student.
Feb01Mr. Bin Chengwen from Zhejiang University joined our group as Visiting Associate Research Fellow.
Jan27Updated version of our Monte Carlo simulator FreePATHS is now open source and available from the official python repository.
Jan16 Dr. Diego has joined our group as Project Researcher.
Jan01Prof. Nomura has been appointed Deputy Director of the Institute
Dec16Dr. Yanagisawa won Best Paper Award in PowerMEMS 2022 (IEEE).
Nov1Mr. Wu Xin from South China University of Technology and Mr. Yang Lei from Tsinghua University has joined our group as Visiting Associate Research Fellow.

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