Observation of phonon Poiseuille flow in isotopically purified graphite ribbons

In recent times, the unique collective transport physics of phonon hydrodynamics motivates theoreticians and experimentalists to explore it in micro- and nanoscale and at elevated temperatures. Graphitic materials have been predicted to facilitate hydrodynamic heat transport with their intrinsically strong normal scattering. However, owing to the experimental difficulties and vague theoretical understanding, the observation of phonon Poiseuille flow in graphitic systems remains challenging. In this study, based on a microscale experimental platform and the pertinent occurrence criterion in anisotropic solids, we demonstrate the existence of the phonon Poiseuille flow in a 5.5 μm-wide, suspended and isotopically purified graphite ribbon up to a temperature of 90 K. Our observation is well supported by our theoretical model based on a kinetic theory with fully first-principles inputs. Thus, this study paves the way for deeper insight into phonon hydrodynamics and cutting-edge heat manipulating applications.