Suppressed thermal transport in mathematically inspired 2D heterosystems

In two-dimensional (2D) heterosystems, the contribution of coherent phonon transport makes superlattices with high interface density exhibit unexpected high thermal conductivity. Herein, inspired by mathematics, we demonstrate efficient suppression of phonon thermal transport in a 2D heterosystem constituted of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride based on the Golomb ruler sequences. This design realizes extreme suppression of thermal conductivity with a minimal number of interfaces, and without any defects or dopants. Extensive numerical simulations combined with wave packet analysis show that the Golomb ruler sequence largely cancels the coherent phonon transport. This work, as the first attempt for realizing novel thermal physics using the mathematically inspired Golomb ruler design, provides a new and efficient solution for the suppression of thermal transport in 2D heterosystems.

X. Wu, X. Huang, L. Yang, Z. Zhang, Y. Guo, S. Volz, Q. Han, and M. Nomura, “Suppressed thermal transport in mathematically inspired 2D heterosystems”, Carbon 213, 118264 (2023).