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Our mission

Observation of physical phenomena that no one has yet seen, new discoveries, and new technologies. We aim to be a laboratory where the enjoyment of pursuing new things gives birth to values and leads to people, knowledge, and technology that are useful to society. We are pioneering “phonon engineering”—the next-generation semiconductor thermal management technology made possible by semiconductor nanostructures based on deep physical understanding and design. Phonons are heat carriers, and advanced control of their transport will lead to applications such as thermal management in semiconductor devices, quantum communication networks, and thermoelectric energy harvesting. We hope that our physical exploration based on intellectual curiosity and the development of new technologies aimed at solving social problems will contribute to the construction of a knowledge society, green transformation, and carbon neutrality.

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Jun01Mr. Hanma from Tokyo Institute of Technology has joined our group as a research intern.
May17Dr. Diego’s paper on phonon dispersion of genetically designed nanophononic metasurface was accepted for publication in ACS Nano.
May03Dr. Yanagisawa’s paper on Si thermoelectric enegy harvesting device was accepted for publication in Material Today Physics.
May03Dr. Tachikawa’s paper on heat conduction by surface phonon polaritons has been published in Phys. Rev. Lett.
May01Ms. Odashima from Tokyo City University has joined our group as a research intern.
Apr04Dr. Kim’s paper has been published in ACS Nano.
Apr01Dr. Anufriev as Visiting Research Fellow, Dr. Wu as UTokyo Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Ms. Zhang and Mr. Oka as M1 students, and Ms. Hardouin and Mr. Jullien from Ecole Polytechnique as research interns have joined our group.
Jan08Prof. Shin and Mr. Wen of National University of Singapore have joined the Nomura Lab as Short-term Visiting Researcher.

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We accept master and PhD students as well as post-doctral researchers.
Please contact Prof. Nomura.


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